Take a 2 minute peek at

a special UpwardTM Celebration!

Believe Ministries

is a full-time, globally focused ministry.

Here we are in Kenya, Africa.


It often sounds a lot like giggles!


What about UpwardTM Sports?
Listen for yourself.
Greg Davidson is five-star rated

Watch this it’s cool too!

Magic “School” in Peru.

UpwardTM Sports Celebrations

Watch a
“Believe It!”... Celebration of Wonder
in action!

“Believe It!” Celebrations

“Highly recommended” by

UpwardTM Sports
League Directors

A Pastor shares how a
“Believe It!” Celebration

impacted his community.

International Missions

Say howdy to Greg Davidson

and see Magic Boy’s

secret backstage tour!

Fun Stuff

Our little

Milo - The Wonder-Dog”
is pretty entertaining too!

Believe Ministries Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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