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Greg Davidson for their UpwardTM Sports Awards Celebrations!

UpwardTM Sports - Awards Presentations

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Greg Davidson is a Christian Illusionist, Musician, Author, and a very Funny Guy.
He’s also a five-star rated Upward SportsTM Entertainer and Speaker!
Plan our 
Upward Awards 

We can have all 
of this great stuff!




Everybody loves magical illusions!
This is a fit for all ages.
Remember,friends & families 
will be there too.

More audience involvement 
and more fun. 
This idea rocks!
We want our celebration 
to be super fun!
Things to do
Every seat is a “good seat”
I’m not going to be frazzled
I’m going to like this a lot!
What it’s all about.
Why we do Upward to begin with
 - Honor God
 - Share His love with others
 - Offer a chance to say “yes”
 - Celebrate!

We‘re getting this guy!
Done deal
I checked it all out right here.
Dude, we can even have our own
custom-made video to rev-up 
the extra cost!

Listening to 
this Pastor 
reminded us of 
the real potential
of it all.
Listening to these
League Directors
really helped too.
A 2 minute peek
of what we’re 
looking forward to.
Yes, we’re excited!

Go ahead...Expect a Lot!

Believe Ministries works hard to be sure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded!

We’ll help you prepare, present and pursue maximum harvest potentials through our super-connective, top quality, entertainment-based evangelistic presentations.

And yes, you really can afford it!

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised.  Believe Ministries is just that, a full-time ministry. 

Our desire is to work with you, come along side you, and become a friend and partner with a perfect fit, in as many ways as possible. We are not a talent agency built on percentages and deals. 

We are a body of believers and we’re here to help with flexible and fun solutions that promise to produce rock-solid results through Christ. 

Yes, you really can have it all!

You sure can! Choose the options that are best for your group, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

You really can “have it all”... your way...and God will get all of the glory!

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You’ll also find Master illusionist, musician, author & funny guy, Greg Davidson 
on the UpwardTM Sports entertainers listing!Upward_2.htmlUpward_2.htmlshapeimage_39_link_0

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We know you are busy, so let us help you get some answers -  quickly!

Here’s a super simple, 3-step reality check. 

Magical Illusions

Audience participatory, mind-melting illusions presented by one of the world’s greatest

Christian presenters, Greg Davidson.

We don’t mean just “laughing” either.
Were’ talking about howling ‘til it hurts so good.

Hand-clappin’, toe-tappin’, live music & singing with exciting soundtracks and sound effects.

Powerful visual impact

No distraction

Maximum retention

We team up with your A/V team.

You relax and enjoy it all.

  Scripturally sound quoting from God’s Word
  We clearly communicate the Gospel
  We offer an easily understood invitation to Christ